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Flooring is one of the key aspects of your commercial space. You need high-quality industrial flooring that can withstand all of your daily operations while still enhancing your facility’s charm, no matter what type of business you operate. On a normal day, you’ll have so much on your plate already, that you wouldn’t want to waste any time worrying about floor maintenance or facility downtimes. Polished concrete floors are the perfect solution for most commercial spaces. They meet all of these requirements and more.

Let’s take a look at 6 key advantages of using polished concrete for your commercial flooring.


1. Makes Main­tenance Easier

Every kind of floor, including the polished kinds, requires at least some level of attention.

A polished concrete floor is eas­ier to maintain than most alternatives. The polishing process grinds the concrete down to a smooth, glossy surface that never requires buffing, waxing, or strip­ping. The only actual care needed is dry mopping and washing on a regular basis.


2. Extends The Life of the Product

Log­i­cal­ly, you may believe that grind­ing down your concrete flooring will make them weaker and more vulnerable to damage. On the contrary, this procedure increases the dura­bil­i­ty of your floor. The floors are treated with a lithi­um-sili­cate-based con­crete den­si­fi­er once the grinding is finished.

This hardens the floor’s surface and prevents peeling and chipping since there is no coating.


3. Maintains a Beautiful Sheen

Although not every industrial facility is accessible to the public, you should be proud of yours, regardless of who sees it.

Pol­ishing gets the job done, whether you’re trying to dazzle visitors and customers or simply brighten up your facility.


4. Less Installation Requirements

Epoxy coat­ings look beautiful and perform well, but they need the appropriate conditions for proper application, which can become an issue, depending on your facility’s requirements.

For example, if there is excessive moisture in the slab, epoxy coat­ings are difficult to apply, necessitating the installation of a moisture mit­i­ga­tion system prior to application.

Polishing your concrete floors is a wonderful way to get a high-gloss finish without having to use epoxy coat­ings. Indeed, as long as you have a structurally solid slab, polishing con­crete floor­ing requires few special conditions.


5. Easy to Install

Polished con­crete floors also offer an advantage over epoxy coat­ings – as in, installation is quicker that helps reduce the downtime at your facility. Epoxy coat­ings for concrete floors take time to cure, and it’s best to wait a few days after they’ve cured before returning to work and trampling on them. While polishing takes time, your floors will be ready to use right immediately after the job is complete.


6. It’s Long-Lasting

As we’ve mentioned earlier, flooring is one of your facility’s key aspects. As a result, when it comes to con­crete sur­fac­ing & floor­ing options, you should go with one that has a long lifes­pan. Polished concrete floors can stay flawless for years, before needing to be repolished- if you clean them on a regular basis and deal with spills and other regular issues as soon as they occur.

For many facilities, polished con­crete floors are a fantastic industrial floor­ing choice. If you believe they’d be a good fit for your business, contact the Armourcrete specialists. Contact us here OR call us at (027 525 3628) for your commercial Christchurch flooring estimate. 


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