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As one of the leading flooring systems experts in NZ, Armourcrete provides a valuable service to commercial garages. We have a team of garage floor painting contractors that transforms your flooring system for better long-term use.

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Why Paint Your Garage Floor?

There are several reasons you must paint your garage floor. Apart from improving its aesthetic value, an epoxy-based topcoat provides the floor with additional protective properties to maintain it for long-term use. When applied correctly, this coating reinforces your flooring system for better use.

Benefits of Painting Your Garage Floor

Concrete floors are prone to different types of damage, especially in high-traffic areas like a commercial garage. Discover how our team of garage floor painting contractors will effectively coat your concrete flooring system for improved appeal and performance.

Improves Impact Resistance

Concrete floors often deteriorate because of excess pressure and impact to its surface. A coating of epoxy on your garage floor provides it with ample impact resistance. The topcoat absorbs and redistributes impact to prevent cracks and chips to the concrete.

Improves Chemical Resistance

Some of the chemicals used in vehicles can damage concrete floors, especially when the latter doesn’t have a protective layer of topcoat. Painting your garage floor creates a protective layer that prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into the concrete and damaging its structural integrity.

Improves Indoor Lighting

Raw concrete floors have minimal reflective abilities. It can make your garage look darker than it is. When you paint concrete with an epoxy-based surface coating, you improve its reflectivity. Make the most of your lighting system by enhancing your floors.

Increases Property Value

An unattractive and damaged floor significantly lowers your property value. Even if you aren’t planning on selling any time soon, it’s important to take better care of your workspace. Green garage floor paint improves your garage’s aesthetic appeal and increases its property value.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

A concrete floor is prone to dust, dirt, grime and other pollutants because of its nooks and crannies. By covering it with a coating of clear garage floor epoxy, you cover these minuscule spaces and prevent pollutants from entering them. This streamlines everyday cleaning tasks and reduces long-term maintenance and labour costs.

Prevents Paint from Peeling

If you painted over your concrete floors, you would likely notice the paint peeling off in high-traffic areas. It’s a common occurrence for flooring systems that don’t have a protective layer of topcoat. Keep your garage floors looking nice and attractive by covering it with the appropriate clear coating.

Protects Vehicles and Belongings

Raw concrete floors are prone to efflorescence. This is the powdery deposits that form on concrete when moisture leaves it. This dusty substance can easily get on your belongings and in vehicles. A coating of epoxy paint keeps efflorescence at bay and protects the equipment and vehicles in your garage.

How We Paint Garage Floors

Armourcrete developed a meticulous application process to make sure your garage floor is transformed accordingly. We combine industry best practices with robust equipment and high-quality materials to give you the best results. Find out more about this process below.

Step 1: Check the concrete substrate

Our team starts by checking every square metre of the floor for cracking or damage.


Step 2: Prepare the garage floor

Our team diamond grinds the garage floor to prepare it for the epoxy coating. It abrades the surface and makes it easier for the paint to stick to the floor. 


Step 3: Apply the epoxy paint to the floor

When the floor is completely dry, the epoxy paint mixture is poured over the surface. Our team uses a paint roller to spread the mixture evenly. They take a paintbrush to the corners and edges to make sure the entire surface is covered. For multiple garage coatings, the initial layer has to be left to cure before layering on a new one.

Additional Step: Apply decorative colour chips to the floor.
Our team applies decorative colour chips by hand before the epoxy paint mixture has finished curing. They make sure the garage floor epoxy flakes are evenly-placed to make them look attractive in the finished floor.


Step 4: Allow the epoxy paint to dry fully

Once the garage surface coating has been applied, our team allows it to dry undisturbed. This completes the curing process without any issues.


Step 5: Tidy up site

After the floor finishes curing, our team ensure a perfect finish and all surronding areas are clean and clear of debris.

Why Hire a Professional?

These days, more business owners are more likely to carry out improvements on their own. They use DIY tutorial videos online to guide them through the process. But some renovation projects are better left to the professionals. Garage floor painting requires skill and expertise to accomplish properly

  • Failing to compute the right measurements for the epoxy paint mixture will make it unusable.
  • Failing to wear the appropriate protective gear will lead to injuries from the harsh chemicals used in the epoxy paint mixture.
  • Failing to wait for the curing to complete before adding a layer will negatively affect the finished floor.

Mistakes in the application process will require expensive repairs. Leave the garage floor topcoat painting to the experts.

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Armourcrete has been providing New Zealand businesses with flooring solutions since 2006. Our floor painting and coating service have been optimised to give you the floor you want without causing too much disruption to your operations. Let us help you transform your flooring system.

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