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Armourcrete is one of the leading concrete polishing companies in the South Island. Our concrete sanding and polishing services were developed to give you beautiful and functional floor.

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What is Polished Concrete?

Typically, concrete floors get their sheen from finishing products. Polished concrete, on the other hand, gets its shine through a grinding process. This removes the coarse surface, leaving behind a smooth and shiny floor that is attractive and easy to clean.

How is Concrete Polished?

Concrete is polished using a special machine equipped with blades and a high-powered engine. These cut away at the stone to remove the coarse layers. Polishing and cleaning agents are used after to enhance the newly polished concrete.

Benefits in using Mechanical Polished Concrete

Mechanical polished concrete has a number of benefits making it the perfect flooring option for residential homes and new builds, commercial offices, supermarkets, liquor stores, schools, industrial buildings, airports, shopping centres, restaurants and all high traffic areas.

Extremely low maintenance and easy to maintain


No surface coatings, wont easily scratch or become damaged


Highly durable and performs extremely well in high wear environments


Long-lasting, will out perform tiles, timber, vinyl and other floor coverings

Flexible design and versatility of Mechanical Polished Concrete

There are a range of different design options that can be achieved in using the Southeast Floors Mechanical Polished Concrete system, such as different levels of stone exposure and gloss levels

Different Levels of Stone Exposure is achieved during the initial grinding and honing process, where the surface of the concrete substrate is removed to expose different levels of aggregate:

Full Aggregate Exposure – to achieve a maximum stone exposure look

Partial Aggregate Exposure – to achieve a minimal or random exposure look

No Aggregate Exposure – the concrete surface is not removed in this method, therefore any existing undulations (high and low spots), stains or damage will remain after the concrete polishing is complete

Different Levels of Gloss Finish is achieved upon completion of the initial grinding and honing to achieve the desired level of aggregate or stone exposure, the polishing process is then undertaken to the desired level of gloss (generally between 200 grit to 1500 grit finish), options include: Matte Finish | Semi-gloss Finish | High-gloss Finish

Why Polish Concrete Floors?

Floors, particularly industrial and commercial ones, get a lot of traffic that may accelerate its deterioration. When concrete floors are polished, they become more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Find out about the other benefits of this service to decide if it’s for you.

Exceptional Durability

When concrete is polished, its structural integrity is reinforced. When done correctly, the grinding and polishing process will harden the floor while making it denser and more resistant to typical factors that cause wear and tear.

Better Stain Resistance

As mentioned, the polishing process makes concrete denser. It also creates an airtight seal across the entire surface. These improve the flooring system’s resistance to water, oil and other contaminants that can damage its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Improved Slip Resistance

There is a misconception that polishing concrete will make it more slippery. But the process for concrete grinding and polishing increases its friction and traction, effectively reducing slip hazards in your facility.

Improved Reflectivity

Without its coarse texture, your concrete floor has better reflectivity, improving visibility in your facility as it maximises the overhead lighting.


Improved Thermal Gains

The grinding and polishing process can improve the floor’s thermal gains for the long-term. Concrete expands with heat and contracts when temperatures drop. Prevent your concrete floor from curling and warping due to frequent temperature changes in your facility.

Increased Cost Savings

Polished concrete floors require less maintenance, allowing you to reduce labour and energy costs. Additionally, its slip resistance allows you to reduce accidents that lead to unnecessary downtime in operations. This flooring solution also costs less than replacing your entire floor.

Easier Maintenance

Polished concrete no longer has the small nooks and crannies where dust, dirt and grime accumulate. It makes cleaning and general upkeep easier. Additionally, it prevents debris from compromising the flooring system’s structural integrity. No matter their size, these particles can damage the concrete because of their coarse texture.

How Do We Polish Concrete?

Armourcrete developed a meticulous process that transforms concrete flooring systems. Using industry best practices and the latest equipment in grinding and polishing, our team creates beautiful and functional floors.


Step 1: Remove existing coatings

Most concrete floors get an initial finish that’s applied upon its installation. Our team begins the polishing process by removing this top layer of coating.

Step 2: Seal cracks and joints

We proceed to seal cracks and joints with an epoxy solution. It prevents the cracks from worsening over time and keeps the joints protected during the polishing process.

Step 3: Grind the surface

Our team starts with a 30 to 40-grit concrete metal-bonded grinder before working their wait up to an 800-grit resin-bonded grinder. The process takes a while to make sure the surface is even and smooth throughout.

Step 4: Apply a stain guard

Although this step is optional, most clients opt for it to keep their newly transformed floors clean of stains. We apply this solution directly to the floor’s surface before spreading it with the concrete polisher.

Step 5: Polish the floor

Once the stain guard has been applied, we proceed to polish the entire flooring system. This brings out the results of the grinding process, making the surface look shiny.

Why Hire a Professional?

Recently, the DIY movement has moved from homes to places of business. Many business owners have taken to doing their renovations on their own. But some improvements, like concrete grinding and polishing, are best left to the professionals. Although the tools and equipment are available in most hardware stores, the process requires skills and training.

  • The whole process, from research to completion, takes a significant amount of time that will cut into your income-generating activities.
  • The equipment and materials involved are expensive, especially for one-time use.
  • The equipment, particularly the grinder, requires skills and training to use; otherwise, you risk breaking it and your flooring system.

Prevent the expenses that will arise with DIY repairs and replacements by hiring a professional service. Work with Armourcrete to make sure you get beautiful and functional concrete floors.

Work with Armourcrete

Since 2006, Armourcrete has provided concrete floor polishing services to businesses throughout South New Zealand. We developed this service to give businesses, particularly those in the industrial and commercial industries, an option to improve their floors. We believe in putting the client first; as such, we take a hands-on approach to every project. Rest assured that you have someone to turn to when you have questions or concerns about your project.
  • Our owner-operator takes charge of your project to make sure you are well taken care of throughout the process.
  • We conduct an on-site inspection before starting to identify any issues or problems that can impact the grinding the polishing process.
  • Once the necessary paperwork has been accomplished, we book the process to make sure it isn’t in conflict with your operations.
  • After completing the grinding and polishing process, our owner-operator will inspect the final result to make sure the project is a success.

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