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Why repair cracks in Concrete?

Concrete is one of the fundamental building blocks in most structures, especially for flooring systems. But when it is laid out incorrectly, it is highly susceptible to cracks and other types of damage. When these are left unaddressed, they create safety hazards. Armourcrete leverages its years of experience and expertise to develop solutions for these problems, from concrete driveway repair to concrete injection repair. Get beautiful and functional concrete floors with Armourcrete.

– When fixing concrete cancer or cracks due to movement, you must take into account why the problem has occurred and the fact that the problem must be fixed prior to the concrete being fixed. We specialise in the repair of concrete by identifying the cause first, solving that and then fixing the concrete structure.

– Concrete Cancer is caused when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab begins to rust. As steel rusts it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced and flaky. As the steel pushes the concrete away, more water gets to the steel expediting the process.

Each situation is unique and requires different solutions. Once we are on site we will advise you on which system you should undertake in order to rectify your situation properly.

Where the issue has originated in the slab on the roof of the building structure, in most cases it is likely that waterproofing will need to be undertaken. Once the rusted reinforcing has been treated, application of a repair stratergy will help prevent access of moisture to the slab and prolong the life of the steel and therefore the structure itself.

Dangers of Cracks in Concrete

Concrete is a highly durable and versatile material, making it ideal for several applications, including flooring systems. But when it has cracks, it presents several risks that will impact your property’s safety and structural integrity.

Moisture creating further damage to the structure

Water entering the structure through the crack or damage. Creating more issues by damaging reinforcing steel or brackets.


Cracks in concrete cause tripping hazards

No matter the size and gravity of the crack, it can still cause people to trip and fall.

Cracks in concrete expose it to mould

Cracks create havens for frost and moisture to settle, opening the material up to mould growth.

Cracks in the concrete lead to structural damage

Small cracks can easily grow over time. When this happens, the concrete surface will quickly become a safety hazard for people and vehicles.

What Causes Cracks in Concrete

There are several reasons for concrete to crack. But they can be divided into two categories: natural and manmade. Natural cracks are often caused by the ground directly underneath the concrete, which is more susceptible to movement brought by the elements. Manmade cracks are those caused upon initial application of the material and those caused by heavy materials.


When the ground underneath concrete shifts, it puts stress on the material. Over time, this movement will cause the concrete to sink and pull apart, creating cracks.

Substrate Movement

When concrete is placed on top of a surface with several pockets of clay, it is at risk of heavy substrate movement. Clay expands and contracts as the weather changes, causing the concrete on top to crack.


As concrete cures, excess water evaporates and causes the material to shrink. It creates micro-cracks that will grow in size over time.
Concrete Floor Crack Repair

Settling Cracks

When the improper weight and strength of concrete is poured, it will cause certain areas to compress. This uneven surface underneath will cause the material to crack in different areas.

Design Loads

Although concrete is highly durable, it has a design load to preserve its structural integrity. When something that weighs more than its design load is placed on top of it, the material will crack and break.

How We Repair Cracks in Concrete

Armourcrete follows a meticulous process to make sure your concrete surfaces are repaired effectively for long-term use. We use industry best practices and high-quality materials to make sure you get the results you want. This meticulous process ensures that all cracks have been repaired.

Step 1: Inspect the damage

Armourcrete starts the repair process by inspecting and mapping the entire area. The team identifies and lists down every crack and their severity to determine the appropriate solutions.


Step 2: Clean the cracks

Once the inspection is over, the team will clean out every crack to remove dust, grime and debris that can negatively impact the repair process.

Step 3: Seal the cracks with putty

After cleaning the cracks, the team will inject the concrete repair epoxy putty into them. Once applied, the solution is pressed into the crack and spread out to smoothen the surface.

Step 4: Attach ports on top of the epoxy putty

Before the putty dries, the team will attach ports along the entire length of the cracks. More epoxy is applied to keep these tools in place.

Step 5: Inject the epoxy repair solution

The team will inject the epoxy solution into the ports once they’re secured. They repeat the process until all ports are filled.

Step 6: Remove the ports

Once the epoxy finishes curing, the ports are removed by force using a hammer.

Step 7: Polish the surface

After all the ports have been removed, the team will take a sander to smoothen out the surface. Doing so removes the excess putty and makes the floor smooth and usable.

Why hire a Professional?

Although there are several DIY guides on how to repair cracks on concrete, this project is better left to the professionals. Mainly for insurance and warranty purposes but also, most cracks occur because of bad practices at the initial application stage. When mistakes are made during the repair process, it can result in worse problems that will require extensive and expensive repairs. Apart from this, a professional has the expertise to identify issues that can turn into serious structural problems for your flooring system.

Work with Armourcrete

Since 2006, Armourcrete has worked with different businesses to provide them with the flooring solutions they need. We developed our concrete repair services to fix cracks. We also provide hands-on support to make sure we address all your questions and concerns.
  • Upon initial contact, the managing director will handle the entire process.
  • We will conduct an inspection before drawing up a contract.
  • Once the necessary paperwork has been cleared, a team will go to the site to carry out the repair process.
  • Expect the project to last from three to seven days. But this will be adjusted to six to nine months for larger-scale projects.
  • After the repairs have been done, the managing director will inspect it before presenting it to the client.

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