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Armourcrete uses the Sureshield® topping system to create a hard wearing, impact resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant industrial flooring.

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What is Sureshield® flooring?

Sureshield® is an industrial-grade flooring system designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. Made with a blend of resin and silica-quartz aggregates, this topping system is non-porous, hygienic and low maintenance. It’s the ideal solution to food manufacturing facilities that need better flooring.

Sureshield® Features

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Hard wearing

Sureshield is one of the hardest wearing floor topping systems in the market.


Quick-drying, causing minimal disruption and downtime for the business


Available in zero odour options for your comfort

Benefits of Using Sureshield®


Low Maintenance

Damaged areas are cut out and quickly replaced with a new batch of the topping system. Once dry, it’s easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.


Avoid moisture damage with the Sureshield® topping system. Its resistance to moisture prevents water and other types of liquid from seeping in and damaging its internal structure.

Crack Resistant

The finished product is a highly durable flooring system that is resistant to cracking, crazing, impacts and abrasions.

Rapid Installation

The Sureshield® formula is optimised for efficient setting and drying times. Avoid disruption and downtime in facilities with this floor topping system.
Sureshield Flooring

Slip Resistant

Choose from varying degrees of smoothness and coarseness. All finishes comply with NZ/AS3661.1:1993 for optimal slip resistance.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Made for the manufacturing industry, this floor topping system is highly resistant to rapid and large temperature changes.


Equipped with Sterishield®, this topping system is impermeable and non-porous. Keep it clean and free of bacterial and fungal growth with ease.

Where to Use Sureshield®?

The Sureshield® flooring system is ideal for the NZ manufacturing industry. But it can also be used in other applications, including commercial properties. Apply it on interior and exterior spaces for better flooring safety.
  • Industrial Food Manufacturing Facilities (e.g. dry and wet process areas)
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Facilities (e.g. printing floors and laundries)
  • Drink/Liquid Manufacturing Facilities (e.g. breweries, distilleries and wineries)
  • Commercial Kitchens (e.g. fast-food restaurants)
  • Supermarkets (e.g. butcheries and fish processing areas)

Why Choose Armourcrete?

Use the Sureshield®floor topping system for safe, durable and low-maintenance floors. Armourcrete is a flooring solution provider that will help you install this system in your facilities. Having worked in the industry for over a decade, we have a process that will cause minimal disruption to your operations.

  • NZ-owned and operated, Armourcrete is one of the leading names in industrial and commercial flooring solutions.
  • Extensive expertise and comprehensive training have made the Armourcrete team fully capable of carrying out small to large-scale projects throughout the country.
  • Committed to health and safety, Armourcrete follows industry standards to ensure clients are compliant with rules and regulations.

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