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Choosing a reliable industrial flooring professional can be tedious. There are so many factors to consider before you can bring someone on board to do a terrific job for you. Reputation is everything! And, when we say reputation, we mean it! The specialist should be consistent and professional! Your floor may suffer without it.

If you, your friend, or colleague can recommend a flooring specialist they’ve used in the past who has the required experience (and a little bit of spark) then you are ahead of the game already! 

Most customers receive three estimates from three different companies, which is a great practice since you get various perspectives and ideas, see different samples, and get a variety of pricing, allowing you to make an informed decision of what the best option is for you and your business.

Here are 6 important questions you need to ask an industrial flooring specialist for your Canterbury-based business before hiring them:


1. Are they licensed or insured?

This is essential. It shows that your floorer is trustworthy, legit and gives you peace of mind that they’re insured in case anything goes south. 

Sometimes things may happen that aren’t immediately directly linked to the floor job.

For example: what if someone accidentally breaks a pipe? Or, what if the equipment catches on fire?

Do you want to take responsibility for any damage they cause, or do you want a flooring professional who comes prepared and knows how to handle crises?

2. What about the non-flooring jobs?

A flooring licence doesn’t entail that the professional is equipped to involve themselves  in jobs that may interfere with plumbing or electrical jobs. If you have a job that includes taking care of  (for example, a job in your kitchen), ensure that that’s done through a trained and licenced professional only.


3. Check their online reviews and references

Request at least three references. Give each of them a call and ask for their honest review. Do check their online reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, etc.

It’s difficult to imagine any flooring specialist with ZERO complaints. In fact, it’s natural to have a couple of negative reviews since it proves that they are genuine. What matters is how they responded to those poor reviews. It’s a RED FLAG for someone to have more than a couple negative reviews, for example, 2 negative reviews out of a total of 5 reviews.


4. Ask what could go wrong and what might surge up the prices

You should understand what is covered and what is not.

For example: Moving all the loose/breakable objects before the job starts. Or any sub-floor problems – flooring specialists can’t always know what’s below the floor that could potentially cause issues.

It’s one thing to tear up the carpet and peel it back to see what’s underneath. But if it’s tiled, you can’t always discern what’s underneath it. If you know what’s beneath, make sure you mention this before the flooring specialist begins work. That way, they’ll have an idea of what could potentially go wrong and will know how to prevent it or adjust the price accordingly. 

Remember that your industrial floorer can’t always tell until the floor is torn up and that your prior installation (or previous owner’s installer) may not have always done things correctly. Also, ask your flooring professional what might go wrong so you are prepared.


5. Clarify the time it will take to finish the job

This will help you to understand the downtime for your factory or shop.

Also, understand their availability for the job, such as – working hours, lag periods (ordered/delivered and acclimated), drying time requirements.

Some professionals may take Sunday offs, what about yours?


6. Inquire about containing dust and cleanup

There are numerous methods to control dust and mess, so enquire about those beforehand. Make sure your flooring professionals protect any curtains, chandeliers, and appliances with plastic, and that they are cleaned up afterward. Trust us when we say that things can go wrong otherwise!

Whether you are having your floors polished or restored, consider asking if they will be using any dustless equipment. This option is more expensive, but it will help reduce dust, particularly if you have high ceilings or someone in your household has dust allergies or asthma. They have this equipment (which isn’t cheap). Even if they don’t use it, having this choice is a positive indication. Their investment in the finest equipment indicates they value their company and the work they do.


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There is no lack of evidence that shows how hiring the wrong kind of flooring professional can jeopardise the industrial floor of your Canterbury business. So don’t forget to ask these 6 questions before you hire them.

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