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What is Concrete Waterproofing?

As the name suggests, this is a process where concrete structures are enhanced to protect them from water damage. Using admixtures, contractors change concrete’s chemical construction to make it more resistant to moisture and water.

Importance of Waterproofing Concrete

Moisture, humidity and water are some of the major causes of damage in concrete structures. They accelerate the material’s deterioration process and weaken its structural integrity. Serious water damage can even cause heavily impacted areas to crumble over time. Although these start small, they can grow rapidly and result in serious accidents on your property.

Dangers of Water to Concrete

Aside from fire, water is the next biggest threat to concrete structures. It can enter concrete for several reasons, from bad application practices to environmental factors like frequent and excessive rains. Get a better understanding of how water can damage concrete structures to protect yours effectively.

Freeze and Thaw Cycles

Frost often gets in the nooks and crannies of concrete, staying there until it thaws in the warmer seasons. As this moisture accumulates in the concrete’s hairline cracks, it eats away at the structure. Over time, certain areas of the structure will corrode from the excess water.

pH Levels

Concrete’s pH levels are directly related to the humidity in its surrounding environment. As humidity levels rise, so does the structure’s pH levels. It will cause the moisture in the concrete to dry faster. Then, the bicarbonate ions and carbon dioxide in the water will carbonate. This weakens the concrete’s strength and makes it more prone to crumbling.

Space between Cement Grains

Bad practices can lead to moisture seeping into your concrete structure. When there is excess water in the cement mixture before application, it creates larger spacing between aggregates and affects compaction. The void this creates allows air and moisture into the structure, damaging it from the inside.

Microbial Growth

Porous concrete is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Mould, in particular, feeds on the dust and microorganisms trapped in hairline cracks in concrete. As it grows, it excretes acids that compromise the concrete’s strength and structural integrity.

How We Waterproof Concrete in Finished Spaces

Although ArmourCrete is a flooring expert, our waterproofing service extends to different concrete structures. Our work with concrete floors has given us valuable insights on how to waterproof concrete walls from the inside. Now, our services include waterproofing concrete pools and other structures, from industrial and commercial facilities to residential properties.

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Our team starts by clearing the area of all items. Then, we proceed to sweep up all the dirt, dust and debris. After this, we remove all visible stains with a degreaser solution. We scrub it with a cleaning agent before rinsing it with clean water.

Step 2: Repair the surface

After the surface dries, our team will carry out the necessary repairs. Cracks and holes in the concrete will compromise the finished structure. We fill in these areas with repair caulk before smoothening them out with a trowel. It’s left to dry before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 3: Apply sealant to the surface

Once the repair caulk has dried, it’s time to apply the waterproof sealant. Using a paint roller, we apply the sealant solution across the entire surface. We then take a paintbrush to make sure the corners and edges are properly coated. After completing the first coating, the surface is left to cure and dry. Our team usually applies two coatings for maximum performance.

Step 4: Clean the newly waterproofed surface

Our team will return to inspect the impervious surface for any problems. Then, we proceed to clean the entire surface. We polish it to make the new sealant stand out.

Additional Step: Apply a finishing product.
Our team can apply a finishing coat on the newly waterproofed surface. Choose from an epoxy-based paint or a clear topcoat to make it look shiny. Many clients opt for this additional step to make the most of the waterproof concrete repair service.

Typically, the waterproofing process is carried out during the concrete’s installation. But our experiences have taught us that some properties require it after the building process. We developed this process using waterproof paint for concrete to provide property owners with the solution to reinforce their concrete surfaces.

Why Hire a Professional?

Recently, the DIY movement has gained better traction. This is because of the availability of tutorials and step-by-step guides online. But some renovation projects, like waterproofing concrete, are still best left to the professionals. Otherwise, you risk damaging your concrete structure.

  • Failing to identify all of the minor damage that needs to be repaired will leave you with waterproofed concrete that has structural integrity issues.
  • Failing to use the right sealant solution will leave you with a concrete structure that is still prone to moisture damage.
  • Failing to cover the entire surface with sealant or failing to spread it out evenly will lead to weaker areas, which can lead to moisture entering and damaging the concrete.

Any mistakes in the repair and waterproofing processes will lead to issues that can significantly affect the concrete’s long-term performance. Additionally, they can lead to mistakes that will require costly repairs. Avoid these scenarios by choosing to hire a professional like Armourcrete.

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For over a decade, Armourcrete has provided properties throughout South New Zealand with excellent flooring solutions. We started waterproofing concrete slabs to help property owners improve their structures for longer use. Find out more about this service when you get in touch with our team. We take a hands-on and collaborative approach to every project to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

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