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Do you believe that all it takes for an auto dealership to hit bulls-eye success are swanky cars and great persuasion skills?

Have you ever thought that the showroom’s flooring quality may have something to do with creating a great first impression to your customers.

A beautiful resin flooring gives an elegant appearance to your auto dealership showroom, which will often enhance your store’s brand value, making it quite easy for customers to imagine themselves enjoying a ride in the shiny new cars on display. That isn’t the only advantage of using resin flooring in your showroom though.


But, what is Resin Flooring?

Resin is a super-durable plastic surface that is produced by a rapid and regulated chemical reaction between polymers. The chemical reaction produces a long-lasting finish that is suitable for even the most demanding situations.

A resin coating is the most basic type of resin flooring. It consists of:

  • Formulated synthetic coating
  • A separate hardener

Aggregators, pigments, decorative chips & flakes, and, in certain instances, cement powder are added to the mix as demands for greater performance takes place, usually resulting in an increase in the thickness of the resin floor.


STEP I: Primer

Most resin floors use a primer that penetrates and reacts with the substrate to form a strong and dependable connection that is critical to the floor’s durability.


STEP-II: Body coat

The primer is usually followed by a main structural layer, also known as the body coat, which makes up the majority of the floor thickness. It also  provides many key performance characteristics such as impact resistance, flexibility, and compressive strength, as well as defining the floor’s decorative finish.


STEP III: Seal coat

Most resin floors will have one to three seal coatings applied to them to lock in the body coat and decorative elements of the floor. It’ll also provide a long-lasting finish with chemical and wear resistance.


So, Why Choose Resin Flooring For Your Showroom?

There’s more to resin flooring than just outstanding looks. Not convinced? Here’s 10 reasons why resin flooring will take your showroom to the next level.



The durability of epoxy resin flooring is well acknowledged across industries. As a result, it’s an excellent option for warehouse and factory flooring. Its impressive load-bearing qualities and resilience to high foot traffic also make it an exceptional automobile showroom surface floor.



Resin flooring, commonly known as epoxy flooring, is created by combining two chemicals. The resultant bond is both stronger and more resistant to breakage than concrete.

A simple resin floor is made up of a specially formulated synthetic resin and a separate hardener that is applied at the time of installation. Other substances can be added to the mix to make the floor thicker and tougher. Depending on the kind of floor needed, a variety of substances may be used.

  • aggregates
  • pigments
  • decorative chips/flakes

Epoxy resin flooring is used in multilevel parking garages, basements in hotels and residential buildings, and under-cover loading bays. That is evidence in and of itself that it offers a robust and lasting surface for vehicles.



Resin flooring is adaptable in every way possible.

Its tensile strength not only allows it to support weight but also protects the concrete underneath it from breaking. You may be certain that it will be capable of displaying your collection.

Safety In The Auto Dealer Showroom

Unlike marble and ceramic floors, resin flooring may include a slip-resistant layer, which significantly reduces the risk of damage from sliding.

This anti-slip layer fits under the top layer, offering stability when walking on the floor, dragging items over it, and moving vehicles.

It should go without saying that the safety of both children and adults in your showroom is paramount. You can rest easy with resin flooring!



Resin floors are the most hygienic option among its contenders. Its impermeable laminate top layer makes it stain resistant, and practical.

Spillages do not soak into the floor and can easily be cleaned up. Routinely cleaning your epoxy resin floors maintains a healthy and sanitary interior atmosphere. This means that any dirt or tyre marks can be cleaned away, leaving your showroom spotless.

Even with frequent foot-traffic, high heels, food and drink spills, and ease of cleaning, the pattern and sheen factor of the floor will not degrade. Your showroom will remain spotless at all times, providing potential vehicle buyers with a positive first impression.

There is no grouting where dirt and germs may accumulate since resin flooring is smooth, unlike ceramic tiles. The floor’s stunning look, as well as its easy-to-maintain finish, will endure for a very long time.


Beauty And Creativity

Because resin floors are attractive, you may use the same flooring in the showroom as you do in your employees office.

Get creative with the vast variety of rocks added to the resin mix to give that additional touch of elegance. Designers may choose the amount of shimmer and shine you desire.

The following are examples of aggregate materials that may be used in a resin terrazzo floor:

  • crystal mirror glass
  • marble
  • flint
  • granite
  • mother of pearl
  • a range of pigments for the right colouring


The Right Colour set For Your Business

You may design the interiors of your showroom in a way that matches with your corporate colours, thanks to the broad range of colour palettes. Trust us when we say that most customers will become more interested as a result of this. It also adds a professional touch to the overall presentation of the interior area.

To get the unique appearance you want, you may approach creative flooring solutions in a variety of ways.



When you examine resin flooring’s long-term serviceability and minimal maintenance requirements, you’ll see that it’s a cost-effective choice.

Armourcrete’s is highly-reviewed expertise for over a decade of handling versatiles projects of all sizes would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer a quote.


Quick Installation

Resin flooring is much faster to install than other kinds of flooring, minimising your workload.

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Resin flooring may be used in a variety of ways. If you own a property or a business, resin flooring is a wise investment. While it is excellent for showrooms, it may also be used in various kinds of business establishments and even offices.

One of the advantages of epoxy flooring is that it does not need to be refurbished if you want to sell or lease the property to new tenants.


Ready To Roll

Regardless of the aesthetic you’re going for in your car dealer showroom, resin flooring is sure to fit the bill.

You need your showroom floor to look its best at all times so that your business and vehicles may be shown to their full potential.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide a  can meet your needs.