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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Most flooring solutions come with their share of disadvantages, but there are a few whose benefits significantly outweigh the flaws. Epoxy flooring is one such example. It is resistant to spills, stains and some chemicals. It is also durable and versatile, making it ideal for several kinds of interior and exterior applications. Find out more about this flooring system below.

Applications for Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is suitable for a range of different environments, including commercial and industrial flooring systems. Several industries choose to cover their concrete floors with this solution to improve site safety for employees and the equipment.

Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Floors

Applied epoxy coating on factory and warehouse floors. Epoxy effectively reinforces concrete, improving the floor’s strength and durability.

Epoxy Flooring

Retail Display Floors

Suitable for lobbies, display floors and other commercial spaces. Epoxy coating comes in different colours and high-gloss finishes for additional aesthetic effects.

Epoxy Flooring

Hospital Floors

Ideal for coating hospital, restroom and cafeteria floors. Epoxy is highly resistant to bacteria and germs, improving a space’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

There are several reasons to apply epoxy resin onto your concrete flooring. It provides an effective way to improve floor surface performance, durability and aesthetic appeal. Commercial and industrial companies prefer to apply epoxy coating on their floors for this reason. Learn more about its advantages to your flooring system.



Epoxy coating is a cost-effective alternative compared to other types of flooring. It’s easy to apply and maintain, making its upkeep more convenient and less expensive than most floor options.



Epoxy floors are known to last longer than other flooring types. When applied over concrete, timber and other types of flooring, epoxy reinforces the material and gives it better anti-fatigue properties. Improve the longevity of your floor surface with epoxy coating.


Applying epoxy over your floors, whether they’re concrete or timber, gives them better protection from the elements. Surfaces are easy to clean and maintain in the long-term. Epoxy is thermal-proof, giving it the ability to protect floors from frequent and large temperature changes.


Epoxy floor coating creates a protective layer over your initial flooring solution that makes the latter highly resistant to water, oil, petrol and other chemicals and liquids. Additionally, epoxy resin is resistant to bacteria and germs, allowing you to improve your site’s hygiene.



Apart from its ability to improve the performance and longevity of a floor, epoxy coating enhances aesthetic appeal. It’s available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Shapes and patterns can be placed between the floor and the epoxy coating for a customised surface.

How We Apply Epoxy Coating on Floors

Armourcrete follows a step-by-step process to give you a well-coated and beautifully finished epoxy flooring. Our team of contractors are highly skilled in carrying out this project with minimal disruption and downtime to your facility. We use a combination of best practices and high-quality tool and materials for the best results.

Step 1: Prepare the surface for coating

Armourcrete starts the application process by diamond grinding the entire surface area. The team will clear it of dust, dirt, grime and other substances that can negatively impact the epoxy coating finish.


Step 2: Pour the epoxy mixture onto the surface

Once the entire floor has been cleaned and cleared of debris, the team will proceed to pour the epoxy coating mixture onto the surface.

Step 3: Spread out and smoothen the coating over the surface

After pouring the coating mixture, the team works on spreading it out across the entire surface. They use a spreader with a roller feature to make sure everything is smooth and prevent bubbles from forming.

Additional optional step: Place designs onto the initial layer of epoxy.

The team will apply your chosen designs, from patterns to your brand name, onto the initial layer of the epoxy coating. A secondary layer will then be poured on top to cover the designs.


Step 4: Pour additional layers of epoxy coating

After the initial layer dries, more epoxy coating will be poured over the floor. The drying time varies from four to 24 hours, depending on the size of the entire surface. This process continues until the team achieves your desired number of epoxy layers.

Step 5: Let the coating cure before cleaning the floor

After pouring and smoothening out the last layer of epoxy coating, the team lets it cure. Once done, they will clean the entire surface to make it shine, so you get the full effect of the epoxy look.


Step 6: Inspect the finished surface

Once it has been cleaned, the managing director will inspect the entire flooring system before signing off on it.

Why Hire a Professional?

Applying epoxy floor coating requires professional services, especially for large-scale applications. The solution needs to be handled properly by experts. Choosing to do this yourself can result in mistakes that will significantly affect your flooring. These can result in extensive and expensive repairs. Invest in professional services to make sure your flooring system is reinforced properly. A professional also has the training to easily identify any problems that need addressing before the epoxy coating is applied.

Work with Armourcrete

Armourcrete has been providing high-quality flooring system solutions since 2006. We have been working with businesses across many industries, from food processing plants to commercial properties. Our flooring and coating services include epoxy concrete crack repairs. We take a hands-on approach to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process, from the consultation to the completion.

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